Grow Organic Spirulina At Home Guidebook


If you’re a Spirulina lover, growing your own spirulina at home makes perfect sense for both your health and your pocket. This ebook will give you all the basic information you need to get started the organic way!

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Grow Organic Spirulina At Home Guidebook

Find all the beginner tips and tricks to grow organic spirulina at your home or garden, including precise mineral nutrient recipes, day-by-day growth charts, daily care advice and more.

Growing organic spirulina makes a great science project to share with friends and students of all ages, as a community project or just for fun. No scientific background required!

All the information in this eBook is based on profound research, methodical testing and documentation from our own experiments, compiled in plain English that anyone can understand!

What you will find in this guidebook

  • All the basics of how to grow organic spirulina
  • List of all necessary equipment and where to find it
  • How to get started with just 1 liter of live Spirulina culture
  • Precise measurements and ingredient lists for preparing the organic growth medium
  • Printable day-by-day growth chart to fill out daily
  • How to safely harvest the fresh Spirulina biomass
  • How to look after your Spirulina culture
  • How to recover your Spirulina from shock and distress
  • How to dry and preserve your Spirulina
  • Delicious organic Spirulina recipes


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