Easy Fermenting Kit for Making Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles Or Any Fermented Probiotic Foods

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Home made fermented vegetables contain more probiotics than any supplement ever could, and they are so much more delicious than the ones you buy in the supermarket! This simplified fermentation kit has everything you need to start fermenting your own pickles, sourkraut and kimchi, preventing food waste with a delicious crunch!


Easy Fermenting Kit for Making Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles Or Any Fermented Probiotic Foods

easy fermentor kit bundle

This Easy-to-use Fermenter kit is made from stiff, durable plastic with a thick, leak-proof gasket. Copies might look the same, but the quality doesn’t compare.


You aren’t just getting the most fool-proof fermentation system ever invented. You’re also joining our Fermenting Club. It’s full of recipes, detailed ebooks, and video guides, and even a place to ask your questions to fermentation experts. You’ll never ferment alone!

How to use this Fermenting Kit?

  1. First and foremost, sterilize your jars with hot water.
  2. Pack your jars all the way to the top using your favorite fruit, vegetables, and herbs.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt per each liter of water (0.26 Gallons). Layer the salt in between your vegetables.
  4. Fill up the water to completely cover the entire content of the jar.
  5. Place the lids on top and hand tighten them.
  6. Wait for the fermentation process to occur. During the first stages, the gas(CO2) created by the bacteria will push the oxygen out of the jar pretty quickly. The duration of this process depends mainly on the temperature in your work environment. The hotter it is, the faster the fermentation will take place.
  7. Once the bacteria have slowed their growth and metabolizing, you can open your jars to do taste tests. If you decide to let it ferment for longer, use the air pump to pull out the oxygen, since it won’t be pushed out as quickly as it did in the beginning. Only ONE pump is all that’s needed.


Easy Fermenter lids let gas escape, but keep contaminants out. You’ll never have to burp your jars or deal with messy water airlocks. The built-in date dial means you’ll always get the timing right, and the pull tabs help you open the jar. It’s so simple.


You can easily separate every part of the jar for cleaning, to prevent mold or bacteria building up in the seal or under the date dial. You can always ferment with the confidence that your equipment is totally clean. And of course, it’s all food safe and BPA free.


With each kit you’ll get three lids that are compatible with the wide mouth jars you already own (jars not included), and a vacuum pump to help you remove air from the jars after tasting. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll give you every penny back. No hassle and no delays.

2 reviews for Easy Fermenting Kit for Making Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles Or Any Fermented Probiotic Foods

  1. Erik

    I began fermenting about a year ago. I started with mason jars, burping them every day, sometimes twice a day. I considered using the standard air locks (the ones that use water), but I noticed they can be messy. One day, I came across these lids. At first, they seemed too good to be true. I never have to burp my jars, and there would be no mess from water bubbling out. I decided to give them a try. I was surprised how easy they are to use, and how well they work. Just as advertised. No mess, no burping, no worries.

  2. Lisa Dukicin

    I ordered a set of three of these with the pump and received it promptly. Being right around St. Patrick’s Day, cabbage was on sale so I immediately started fermenting some to make sauerkraut. I have made sauerkraut for years in mason jars, but never had lids like these. In the past it was a mess and a few times the sauerkraut molded and was not usable. Plus it took a very long time for the sauerkraut to ferment and it never seemed to be very sour. I set the date on the lids and after 15 days I decided to open one and see how it tasted. I was happily surprised to find that it was very sour and absolutely perfect. I used one 1/2 gallon jar right away for dinner and then canned the remaining two half gallons in quart jars for the pantry. Seeing as this turned out so well, I right away ordered a set of four more lids and when I received them started a second batch of sauerkraut. It should be ready by now to can and I should be set for a while. Now I’m looking forward to summer so I can ferment some dill pickles and other vegetables from my garden. A great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in fermenting vegetables. This is going to open a whole new world for my family, as I was never comfortable fermenting vegetables in a crock.

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